We run a family business and happy to offer you different wooden gifts. Hope you will enjoy them!

We are very happy that can offer you unique wooden things.

Our story is unique as any other story, but all of those stories have something in common — there are people behind them, who want to bring something new to everybody around.

Who are we? We are a young couple — Yuriy and Natalia with 2 little children Rostislav and Maria (Hence the name of our brand Rostmary). We founded this family business in Ukraine. We started our Gift Shop as a hobby and never thought it would become so big and we’ll have over 10, 000 clients from all around the world.

Yuriy had found his passion in making unique products and soon we invented our own wooden desk organizers and wooden phone stand. We find this to be our main goal, to make people happy with the small things they have.

We believe, that gift-giving should be easy and pleasant. That’s why you can find all kind of gifts in our store. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas and we’ll help you make them real!